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Matthias Müller
Christian Mariendrums

Superimpose is ONE sound - Matthias Müller and Christian Marien have been developing their collaborative research into sound since 2006 - incorporating concerts in Europe and the US, and an intensive rehearsal process that forms the basis of a clarity, depth and connectedness in their playing. Their improvisations are the result of two independant voices - acting, fusing, diverging and shifting, and cutting their own ways whilst moving in the same direction - this symbiosis redefining boundaries and roles, and creating ONE distinctive sound.
All of this has been documented on two CDs („Superimpose“ Creative Sources 2006, „Talk Talk“ Leo Records 2009), and the LP „Edinburgh“, which will be released in 2015, on Wide Ear Records.

Matthias Müller has been living in Berlin since 2004, playing regularly with internationally recognised improvisers such as John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Johannes Bauer, Tobias Delius, Olaf Rupp, Burkhard Beins, Frank Paul Schubert, Clayton Thomas, Michael Vorfeld, Axel Dörner, and many more. He can be heard on more than thirty releases, and his CD "Bhavan" (2004) was produced by Chicago-based musician and journalist John Corbett. Müller is a member of the 24-piece improvising ensemble “Splitter Orchester“, and was also a member of the “German-French Jazzensemble“, under the direction of Albert Mangelsdorff. In addition, he is also active in the field of contemporary music.

Christian Marien moved to Berlin in 2000, where he quickly established a reputation in the Jazz scene as a co-founder of groups including „Olaf Ton“ and „Stereo Lisa“. More and more he turned towards free improvised music, and has since collaborated with a multitude of leading improvisers, including Frank Gratkowski, Johannes Bauer, and Gebhard Ullmann, Jürgen Kupke. His interest in other forms of artistic expression has lead to collaborations with visual artists (Thomas Bratzke, Philip Wiegard), actors (Judith Strößenreuter) and dancers (Hans-Werner Klohe, Kadir “Amigo” Memis, Julyen Hamilton), and the project „Ritsche, Zast & Marien“ (which combines improvisation in music and painting) curates regular exhibitions and performances.

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live in Münster, 06/04/2014



live in Hannover, 09/04/2011




        14.01.2016 Essen, JOE-Festival
        07.10.2015 Kleinmachnow, Kultraum
        03.10.2015 Bremen, Klangwerkstatt Illerstrasse
        01.10.2015 NL-Amsterdam, Cafe de Ruimte
        08.05.2015 Berlin, Auxxx/Lichtblick Kino
        26.03.2015 Berlin, MaThilda Bar
        03.10.2014 Hamburg, Multiphonics/Kulturdeich Veddel, feat. John Hughes, b
        24.05.2014 Berlin, Gutshof Britz/”Britz Beatz Festival”
        11.04.2014 Düsseldorf, Bergerkirche, feat. Matthias Muche, tb & Nicola Hein, git
        10.04.2014 Wuppertal, Ort, feat. Brad Henkel, tp & Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba
        09.04.2014 Köln, Atelier Dürrenfeld, feat. Andreas Wagner, reeds
        07.04.2014 Essen, Goethebunker, feat. Robert Landfermann, b & Simon Camatta, dr
        06.04.2014 Münster, Black Box im cuba (20:00), feat. Jan Klare, sax
        06.04.2014 Duisburg, Int. Zentrum (12:30), feat. Stefan Keune, sax & Achim Krämer, dr
        30.03.2013 UK-Edinburgh, University/Reid Concert Hall
        28.03.2013 UK-Liverpool, Frakture/The View Two Gallery
        15.12.2012 AT-Graz, Interpenetration Festival
        02.02.2012 DK-Aarhus, Op med Aarhus
        31.01.2012 NO-Oslo, Konsertforeninga/Blow-up!
        23.10.2011 Berlin, Tag der Posaune/Schloss Britz
        16.07.2011 DK-Aarhus, Jazzfestival
        30.04.2011 UK-Edinburgh, Grind Sight Open Eye/St.Cecilia’s Hall
        29.04.2011 UK-Sheffield, Mick Beck’s House
        28.04.2011 UK-Liverpool, Lost Voices/The View Two Gallery
        27.04.2011 UK-Oxford, Folly Bridge Inn
        26.04.2011 UK-London, Arch 1, feat. Ricardo Tejero, ts
        09.04.2011 Hannover, Atelier Grammophon
        08.04.2011 Dortmund, Plateau
        07.04.2011 Aachen, Raststätte, feat. Paul Lytton, dr & Paul Hubweber, tb
        18.02.2011 Hamburg, Freitagsmusik/Linker Laden
        28.01.2011 Berlin, Sowieso
        21.10.2010 FR-Strasbourg, Stimultania
        15.10.2010 RM-Sibiu, Jazz & More Festival
        17.04.2010 Berlin, Ausland
        01.03.2010 Berlin, Babette
        14.11.2009 Berlin, Miss Hecker
        12.11.2009 Essen, “Free Essen Festival”, Goethebunker
        11.11.2009 Dortmund, Domicil, feat. Simon Camatta, dr/perc
        26.05.2009 CH-Basel, FIM
        24.05.2009 Berlin, Aufsturz, feat. Peter Evans, tp & Clayton Thomas, b
        22.05.2009 Saarbrücken, Künstlerhaus
        13.04.2009 USA-New York City, Bar 4, feat. Nate Wooley, tp
        12.04.2009 USA-Kutztown, Eckhaus Gallery
        10.04.2009 USA-Allentown, Westwire, feat. Stanley Schumacher, tb & Evan Lipson, b
        09.04.2009 USA-Allentown, Westwire, feat. Stanley Schumacher, tb & Evan Lipson, b
        05.04.2009 USA-Wilkes Barre, St. Stephens, feat. Ron Stabinsky, p
        04.04.2009 USA-New York City, Ibeam
        21.12.2008 NL-Utrecht, “U-ex”, SJU Jazzpodium, feat. Wilbert de Joode, b
        20.12.2008 Ludwigsburg, Maxstrasse Eins, “Max.Experimentell”
        19.12.2008 Wuppertal, Ort
        30.11.2008 AT-Wien, Rote Laterne
        29.11.2008 AT-Wien, Amann Studio
        13.06.2008 Bremen, Improvisationen 127 XXL, Café Grün, feat. Nils Gerold, fl
        20.04.2008 Berlin, Aufsturz, double duo feat. Johannes Bauer, tb & Michael Zerang, dr
        30.03.2008 USA-New York City, ABC No Rio
        29.03.2008 USA-Washington DC, Velvet Lounge, Spontanous Infinity Festival
        27.03.2008 USA-Philadelphia, Bowerbird
        26.03.2008 USA-Kutztown, Eckhaus Gallery, feat. Jack Wright, as
        23.03.2008 USA-New York City, Goodbye Blue Monday
        22.03.2008 USA-Baltimore, Red Room
        21.03.2008 USA-Cambridge, Studio 234, feat. Eric Zinman, p
        20.03.2008 USA-Lowell, 119 Gallery
        18.03.2008 USA-Providence, as220
        28.02.2008 Berlin, Kulturhaus Mitte (Solo & Duo)
        20.01.2008 Dresden, Atelierkonzert (Solo & Duo)
        16.12.2007 Berlin, Bewohnbar
        05.12.2007 Essen, Capribar, “Free Essen Festival”
        08.11.2007 Berlin, 103club, feat. Robert Würz, as
        03.11.2007 Berlin, Galerie Zero
        20.09.2007 Berlin, Stralau 68